How to get American Netflix on Apple TV

Before following these steps, check out my previous article on how to get American Netflix.

If your Apple TV is set up for Canadian Netlfix – click on Netflix icon and select Logout.

Instructions on how to get American Netflix on Apple TV
1. On Apple TV, go the Settings >General > Network > Configure TCP/IP > Configure Manually

2. Do not change  the IP setting and click on “Done”

3. Do not change  the Subnet setting and click on “Done”

4. Do not change  the Router setting and click on “Done”

5. In the DNS Address setting you’ll find four sets of numbers, set it to this and click on “Done”:

DNS address: 

6. Click “Done” on the “Configuration Succeeded” screen.

7. Confirm on “Network” screen the DNS address is the numbers you entered (leading zeros will be omitted)

8. Go the Settings >General > iTunes Store > Location

9. Select United States

10. Return back to main screen

11. Put the Apple TV to sleep with the Sleep Now command in Settings

12. Unplug the Apple TV power cord

13. Wait ten seconds

14. Plug the Apple TV back in

15. Log in with your Netflix Account.