How to get American Netflix on Wii

Before following these steps on how to get American Netflix on Wii, check out my previous article on how to get American Netflix.

Before you start: Make sure you can get Netflix channel on your Wii. It should be possible if you can change country to “United States” or “Canada”, but it may not be available if you have non-North American version of Wii.

1. Open Wii Options (round button on home screen).

2. Go to Wii Settings

3. Scroll right and open “Internet”

4. Click “Connection Settings”

5. Open active connection (with red corners around)

6. Click “Change settings”

7. Scroll right to “Auto-Obtain DNS” screen (please DO NOT touch “Auto-Obtain IP Address”, scroll right one more time)

8. Select “No” and open “Advanced Settings”

9. Enter our DNS in “Primary DNS” and “Secondary DNS” fields

  • First DNS:
  • Second DNS:

10. Click “Confirm”

11. Click “Save”

12. Click “OK”

13. Wait until test is done and return to main screen.

Switching from different Netflix account

If your Wii was registered with another (e.g. Canadian) Netflix account and you want to switch it to US do following:

1. From the Wii home screen click on round “Wii” (Options) button in bottom left corner

2. Click “Data Management”

3. Click “Save Data”

4. Click “Wii”

5. Find “Netflix Channel” (red square with letter N), click on it, select “Erase” and then confirm “Yes”

6. Try to find more “Netflix Channel” icons in that area, scroll to next screen if required (there could be more than one saved block)

7. Return to Wii menu and start Netflix Channel. You should get “Are you a Netflix member?” question and when you answer “Yes” it will show you activation code, which you can use at


Always restart your device by unplugging the power

source and plugging it back in. Also, if you have an

ethernet cable plugged in, unplug the cable and plug it

back in.