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Bored of Canadian Netflix? Try American Netflix in Canada!

Hey guys, I just found out that American Netflix is way better than Canadian Netflix. I didn’t even know that Netflix differs from country to country!. Canadian Netflix has only 2964 titles as compared to American Netflix which has over 10,848 titles! Plus American Netflix reality TV shows are so much better!

Blockless - American Netflix titles

Just recently I found out about a service which unlocks American Netflix so you can watch American Netflix while sitting in Canada. There is this site called Blockless. It kinda works like a proxy or VPN service but much better. It doesn’t slow down your internet speed. Below are the instructions on how to watch American Netflix in Canada!

American Netflix - Blockless


How Does Blockless Work?

Blockless - American Netflix


How To Get American Netflix in Canada

Step 1)  Click here to go to Blockless

Enter your email where it says Try it Free & click Start Trial (picture below)

American Netflix - Blockless Homepage

American Netflix – Blockless Homepage



Step 2)  Confirm your details on the signup page


Blockless - American Netflix

Step 3)  Note down the two IP addresses shown for step 5.


Blockless - American Netflix

Step 4)  Choose how you want to set up Blockless


American Netflix set up blockless

Step 5) You’ll now be forwarded to the Setup Instructions.

Choose the type of router or specific device you want to watch US Netflix on. (PC, Xbox, PS3, Iphone, Wii, etc)

Devices Blockless - American Netflix



Blockless - American Netflix

Thats it you are done! In a few minutes you will be watching American Netflix in Canada or anywhere in the world!

So this Blockless site gives you a 7 day free trial, they do not ask for your credit card or anything, just your e-mail so they can send you setup instructions. After 7 days if you want to continue with their service you pay them $4.95 a month and if you dont, your account is automatically cancelled. Its that simple.

Recently they introduced a yearly subscription for just $49.95 with the first two months free!

What else can Blockless do??

Blockless isn’t just for unlocking American Netflix. It’s also for unlocking Hulu, Pandora Radio, BBC & loads of other American only content. You can even access Facebook with their VPN from school or work where its been blocked.


blockess - American Netflix


Other services VS Blockless
Blockless is the best because its quite simple and easy to use compared to other services out there. You will be watching American Netflix within minutes after set up, plus its free for a week so what is there to loose?



Netflix in Different Regions: (UK / Sweden / South America)

How To Change The Country You View Netflix On:

If you would like to change the country you view Netflix on with Blockless to Canada, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil – you can do that too!

Login to your Blockless account. On your main account page, select the region you’d like to view Netflix from. United States is default. 

Blockless American Netflix

American Netflix has the latest TV shows and Movies!

Here is a list of the new releases as of 2014 American Netflix

1) Scandal

2) Saving general yang

3) Bates Motel

4) Bad parents

5) Wishmaster 2

6) Temptations

7) Hansel and Gretel

8) Cult

9) The kingdom come

10) The haunting of Helena


Stop wasting time searching the top flicks and check out the list I Put together below of the top movies, top TV show and Top Documentaries on Netflix (American Netflix)

1) American Horror story

2) Walking dead

3) Orange is the new black

4) Hunger games

5) Dexter

6) Breaking bad

7) Prison break

8) Sherlock

9) Cake boss

10) Extreme cheapskates

11) Extreme couponing

12) Revenge

13) Luther

14) Death by China

15) IP man

16) 9 Dead

17) Upside down

18) The good son

19) 200 pounds beauty

20) Abduction of eden

21) Choose

22) The grey

23) White chicks

24) The Dictator

25) Food inc.

26)The babysitters

27) Heroine (indian)

28) Fashion (indian)

29) 7 khoon maaf (indian)

30) Hostel 3

31) Piranha

32) American Mary

33) Carrie

34) Momento

35) Perfect host

36) Dr 90210

37) blindsided

This list is not in any order they are all the shows I personally watched and enjoyed!

Good luck and spread the word!

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